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Property Maintenance Guidelines
Please click here to see the updated Property Maintenance Guidelines document

Architectural Change Information
Homeowners planning to add, change or replace any exterior elements of their properties such as replace windows, roof, siding, add fences or solar panel, remove trees, etc., are required to apply for and receive Rockshire Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval before work begins for each project.  The ACC, comprised of volunteer homeowners, is charged with applying planning guidelines and standards to preserve the harmony and architectural character of the community.
STEP 1: Use links below to access ACC guidelines and forms:
ACC Guidelines ACC Application
Deck Guidelines
STEP 2: Review the guidelines for your project. Various projects have various documentation and approval requirements, for example large tree removal needs signed acknowledgement from neighbors. In addition, certain projects require permits from City of Rockville.  For additional information about permits, visit Building Permits and Inspections
STEP 3: Download and fill out the ACC Application - if appropriate, include the property survey plat, samples of materials, and your contractor proposal.
STEP 4: Submit your application using the information on the form. You will receive the application resolution letter.
STEP 5: If approved, proceed with your project and notify IKO when the project is completed.  If Denied, make adjustments to your plans to comply with the architectural guidelines. You can contact IKO for additional information regarding your approval or denial letter.  
For additional information or with questions regarding a specific application, please contact Linda Wildman at IKO Community Management:  (301) 924-4050 or submit an email question using our Contact Us page*
*Please be advised that due to possible technical issues beyond our control, messages from the Contact Us page  as well as sent directly via email, occasionally are filtered by the spam filter server.  If you do not get a response from Linda or another person at IKO within 48 hours, please call the IKO office at (301) 924-4050 for follow up.

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Request for Comments: Traffic Diversion Plan at the intersection of Watts Branch Parkway and Hurley Avenue
Posted on Feb 17th, 2018 Comments (0)
Dear Neighbors,
The City of Rockville has received a petition from residents to install traffic diversion measures at the intersection of Hurley Avenue and Watts Branch Parkway due to the high number of vehicles traveling on Watts Branch Parkway.  In response to this request, the City has conducted a traffic study to evaluate vehicle traffic on Watts Branch Parkway.  This study confirmed the high number of vehicles traveling southbound on Watts Branch Parkway during weekdays’ morning peak hours. According to the City’s Guidelines for Neighborhood Traffic Management, Watts Branch Parkway meets the eligibility requirements for a traffic diversion plan. 
One option to address this issue is to install a “No Left Turn 7 - 9 AM Monday - Friday” sign on Hurley Avenue for traffic coming onto Hurley Avenue from MD 28 to prevent the left-turn movement onto Watts Branch Parkway during weekday morning peak hours.
As the first step in the public outreach process, the City is requesting input on this option from the community’s civic and homeowners’ associations as well as the Fallsmead Elementary School. Please provide your comments and concerns by Friday, March 16, 2018. City staff is also interested to hear other options or suggestions you may have.  Based on the comments we receive during this first step, a public meeting might be proposed to discuss the issue and proposed options with the public as a second step. 
If you have any questions about the project or would like to submit comments, please contact me at 240-314-8527 or
The Rockshire HOA Board.
February 2018 Neighbor to Neighbor News
Posted on Feb 9th, 2018 Comments (0)
Dear Neighbors,
The makeup HOA meeting for the canceled January meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm. Please note that due to ongoing restoration and renovation project, dust in the air in the room may be elevated.  If you are at a higher risk for pulmonary health issues, you might want to skip attending the meeting and submit any issues or questions via the contact form linked at the bottom of this post.
Save the date: Saturday April 14 stream cleanup, 9-11 am. Meet at Wootton’s Mill Park entrance at 175 Watts Branch. SSL hours for students. Check Rockshire HOA website ( for more information and weather cancellations.
The Rockshire HOA Board.
Need to contact us? Visit and send us a message with your questions or comments.*

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