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Reporting Unsafe Driving observed at Rockshire
Posted on Mar 16th, 2018

Dear Neighbors,
We have had a number of reports from residents who observed unsafe driving at the Rockshire Shopping Center parking lot late at night.  I have shared these reports with our liaison at the Rockville Police Department, and they assured me that they will inform the patrol shifts and the communications staff to keep an eye out.  In addition they shared the following feedback:
"As you know, its hit or miss whether they catch anyone during their routine patrols.  Considering how quiet Rockshire is during the evening hours the community can be a tremendous help by alerting us immediately when its actively occurring.  If someone does see a car being operated recklessly, doing donuts and what not, I encourage everyone to call our police department at 240-314-8900.  There are essentially two main arteries that lead into and out of the Rockshire shopping center…Wootton Pkwy and Hurley Ave.   If a resident that witnesses such activity can provide us with as much detail as possible about the car, such as make, model, color, or any other identifiers, even though the culprits might have driven off, the officers are trained to look for cars leaving the area while they are driving to the location, and very well might spot the car on either of the two roads as they respond to the shopping center. "
Alternatively, I wanted to remind everyone of the W.R.I.T.E. program that allows residents to submit reports of observed unsafe or improper driving to the Police Department - such reports are reviewed by the Rockville Police staff and may result in warning letters sent to registered owners of vehicles that were observed exhibiting improper driving.
Please exercise caution and do not attempt to approach or stop any vehicles you observe, and keep safe distance if you try to get the license plate number.  Call the city police and let them handle it.
Thank you
Boris Langer
The Rockshire HOA Board.
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