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Please read: Bulk Trash Dumping
Posted on Jul 27th, 2020

We continue to see a lot of bulk refuse items dumped in the common areas throughout our community. 
Here's the bottom line: every time bulk trash is dumped and not picked up by the City of Rockville, the HOA has to pay a private contractor to remove the bulk trash.  Each pickup can cost a few hundred dollars, and these charges add up quickly.  We cannot pass the charges to the offenders unless we have absolute proof to identify each property responsible for the dumping.  The more we spend on private trash removal, the higher the chance will be that in our next budget we will need to raise the HOA dues to off-set the expenses.  We all will pay for a few residents' lack of consideration.
This dumping is completely unnecessary. City of Rockville provides 6 pickups of bulk trash from each property absolutely free of charge. 
You can schedule your pickup by calling 240-314-8568 or online  It takes no longer than a minute.
For more information, visit
Please share this with your neighbors who may not get email updates from the HOA - Let's stop wasting our money!
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