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Newton/Paulsboro Security Patrols to begin this week
Posted on Oct 18th, 2021

Dear neighbors,
We hired Assure Security and Protection LLC to patrol the Newton Drive, Paulsboro Drive and adjacent streets for student parking and pickup/drop off violations that continue to occur routinely on our property and have caused traffic congestion and unsafe conditions for our homeowners, guests and visitors.
The patrols begin on today, Monday October 18 and will cover morning and afternoon times at the beginning and end of school hours. After the initial few days, the days of the week when patrols occur will vary.
The officers will always be dressed in security uniform with bullet-proof vests. Although their vehicles are not police cruisers, they are easy to identify as security cars with lights for extra visibility.
The following are the violations Assure Security will address:
-          No student drop off or pickup is allowed on Rockshire property.
-          Drivers of any cars parked near fire lanes will be asked to move immediately. Fire lane violations are subject to immediate ticketing and/or towing enforced by City of Rockville Police.
-          Any students observed parking in Rockshire guest or reserved spots and walking off will be asked to move their cars.
-          Any cars that are observed to belong to students and parked in Rockshire Guest or Reserved spots will be issued warning stickers and will be subject to towing if they return and continue to park.
Reminder: All townhome area parking spots are property of Rockshire Association, Inc. The use of the assigned parking spots is provided for individual homeowners for their personal vehicles ONLY, and guests spots are reserved for use strictly by homeowners' guest and visitors.  Allowing students to use homeowners’ assigned parking spots during school hours is expressly prohibited and will be enforced with warnings and towing.
If you have any questions or concern, please contact us here:
Rockshire HOA Board.
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