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Property Maintenance Guidelines
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Property Maintenance Guidelines

Property Maintenance
Homes should be maintained using good property management standards.
Painted surfaces should be free of fading or peeling paint. The standard is to repaint every 5 years or less.
Shutters should be properly attached and any damaged, faded, or fallen shutters should be replaced or repaired, cleaned and painted.
Brick or stonework should be checked for mortar deterioration or loose brick or stone.
Siding should be in good repair and cleaned (e.g. power washed) if any mildew is evident.
Roofs should be replaced if shingles are coming off, leaks are occurring, or they have collected a great amount of mildew/mold and staining. These things can begin to occur after 15 years. Replacement roofs can have an expected life of 50 years.
Landscaping: beds should be free of weeds and mulched at least once a season. Grassy areas should be mowed every 5 to 7 days depending on moisture and less during periods of extreme heat. Trim any bushes and shrubs that are growing over the side walks.
Fences should be kept in good repair at all times. Gates with hinges should be hung evenly and able to close properly. Boards that are rotten or coming off the structure should be replaced or reattached.
Trash/recycling containers must be stored out of sight at all times except after 5 PM the night before the scheduled days of collection. They must be out of sight by the day after collection.
Wiring: no wiring is permitted to show on the outside of any home from cable service or solar systems unless it matches the color of the home. It should be in a conduit that can be painted to match.
Walkways should be kept in good repair and shoveled during times of snow accumulation.
Porches: entry ways should be well maintained, free of debris, old newspapers, cigarettes, trash bags, toys, and posts painted and in good repair.
Children’s toys and other items are not to be stored in front of the home and should be put away daily after use.
Common Areas are for community use and enjoyment of all Homeowners. No trash, old or broken furniture or appliances should ever be placed in these areas.
Pets: in accordance with County and City laws no pet should be unattended on Association property at any time, all pet waste should be cleaned up immediately in the common areas and on homeowner property. Violators should be reported to the City of Rockville Animal Control.
Drainage devices: Any drainage directive devices that are longer than 3 feet must be approved by the Rockshire Architectural Committee or otherwise must be underground. The extension should be buried underground with a pop up at the end of it to allow the water to dissipate so that it is not in public view.
Hoses: Hoses are permitted in front yards if hung on a rack and wound up. Violation letters will not be sent unless hose is left lying on ground. 
Property Maintenance: All lots and yards must be maintained in a neat and attractive manner so as not to detract from the appearance of the neighborhood.
Thank you in advance for your compliance.