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Rockshire News January 2015
Posted on Jan 26th, 2015

Rockshire Association Board of Directors Vacancies
The Rockshire Homeowners Association has two vacant positions on the Board of Directors and needs to immediately appoint two Rockshire homeowners to fill them. These appointments will run through the remainder of the unexpired terms of those vacating the positions (one of these terms expires in 2016, the other expires in 2017), at which times the appointee can choose to place their name on the ballot for election to another term at the respective Annual Meeting of the Rockshire Association.
If you are interested in applying for a vacant position, please return the attached Statement of Candidacy to Linda Wildman via email to, or the form can be faxed to IKO’s office at 301-924-9389. Your request for consideration needs to be received by February 10, 2015 so it can be reviewed in the Board Meeting on Wednesday, February 11th.  Please provide your contact email & phone number on the form. Thank you, in advance, for considering to serve the Rockshire community in this manner.   
Tree Removal Information for Ingleside Court
This notice is inform all residents of Ingleside Court in Rockshire that the 3 large, leaning white pine trees behind some of the homes on your court have been approved by the City of Rockville to be removed. 
Removal of these trees is anticipated to occur by the end of February. 
Fallsmead Pond Safety
The Fallsmead HOA Board has reported a safety concern about the pond in their park. Please do not skate or walk on pond ice when it freezes, as it cannot support the weight. PARENTS-PLEASE CAUTION YOUR CHILDREN ACCORDINGLY.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Linda Wildman
Community Manager
Phone: 301-924-4050