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November 2019 Neighbor to Neighbor News
Posted on Nov 4th, 2019

Happy November! Next HOA meeting is Wednesday November 13th, 7:00 pm at the Rockshire Community Room.  The board will vote to adopt the proposed 2020 budget that was distributed to the community.
Parking Lot Surface Repairs
A contractor will be performing some crack sealing work on the parking lot surfaces in the townhome areas between November 5 and 7.  The planned schedule is as follows:
Day 1: November 5 – Monet and half of Gormley adjacent to Monet, Ritchfield, Ingleside
Day 2: November 6 – Chantilly, Paulsboro, Kirkfield
Day 3: November 7 – Norhcliffe and half of Gormley adjacent to Northcliffe, Pender, Marwood
Rockshire Village Shopping Center Update
The City of Rockville published the report that was done by the consulting firm Rhodeside & Harwell that was hired by the city to research and report on the feedback from the member of the community and other sources regarding the future of the Rockshire Shopping Mall property.  The report is available here:
The board has received several questions and concerns from the community members regarding the new fence installed around the shopping center, the availability of parking spaces in the near future, potential exposure to hazardous materials and air pollution during demolition and construction, etc.
We checked with the City of Rockville department of Planning and Development, and received confirmation that at this stage, no imminent demolition and construction work is to take place.  The property owners and developers will schedule additional meeting with the community in the future, as they proceed with the development application process.
Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Campaign
We have installed some signs around the community asking drivers to slow down and be more careful of children on our community’s streets.  Other measures include repairing existing speed bumps and installing new speed bumps in additional spots.  We appreciate drivers’ attention to kids, pedestrians, and other drivers on our streets, and we also ask parent to talk to their children about safe practices when walking or playing outside.
Club Room Rental
The pool season may be over, but the Club Room is still available for parties and events. Visit for rental information and application form.
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