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June 2019 Neighbor to Neighbor News
Posted on May 31st, 2019

Reminder: Annual Rockshire community picnic is Sunday June 9th at 12:00. Hope to see you all there!
Important: Annual HOA meeting is Wednesday June 12th at 7:00 at the Rockshire Club House. Please attend the meeting or submit a proxy ballot.
New Restricted Parking on Ritchfield Court: The HOA Board has selected a new towing company to enforce parking regulations within Rockshire property.  One of the changes was the enforcement of No Parking at curb side at numbers 29 through 36 on Ritchfield Court.  The "fire lane" designation was done in error, and the fire lane review is currently being done by the City of Rockville fire marshal and the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue.  We understand that some residents were unhappy about the new enforcement as well as about placement of signs  - we will review the signage requirements once the fire lane order is processed and will ensure all signage is done legally and appropriately. If you have any issues or questions, please contact the board in writing to request a hearing so you can bring your case to the board and the community.
Reports of snakes in Rockshire community: a report of snakes being seen on or near homeowners properties adjacent to the Woottons Mill Park was submitted to the board. Below are some resources to consider when dealing with snakes. The City of Rockville does not respond to wildlife reports and refers to Maryland State Department of Natural Resources.  Visit the page below to learn about venomous snakes in Maryland and tips on how to ensure the risk of snake bites is minimized when living in areas where snakes are possible. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent snakes from appearing near your house in such close proximity to the park, but some common-sense steps such as cleaning up mulch miles and learning identify and stay away from snakes will go a long way:
To find out about safe and legal ways to deal with problem animals, or to locate individuals or companies who are licensed by the Wildlife & Heritage Service to handle wildlife complaints, use the following link:
or visit for help.
Promote Safe Pool behavior.  The basketball hoops were taken down by the life guards after numerous incidents of unsafe behavior such as kids and teenagers hanging on hoops and jumping from the deck into the pool to dunk the ball. Several attempts by the lifeguards to correct the behavior did not help alleviate the issues, and the basketball hoops and poles were removed from their bases.  Please talk to your family members to ensure everyone understands the pool safety rules and is ready to be safe at the pool at all times. The lifeguards will reconsider bringing basketball back later in the season, but if the issues continue - the hoops may remain out for the rest of the summer.
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