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09/2014 Rockshire Neighbor to Neighbor
Posted on Sep 3rd, 2014

Next HOA Meeting: Thursday, September 4, at 7pm in the Community Room. 
Wotton High School Traffic
With the beginning of a new school year, the school traffic issues usually experienced on the townhouse streets of Newton, Richfield, and Paulsboro Dr. are back again. Drivers wishing to avoid Wootton Parkway traffic enter from the old Giant parking lot to drop off or pick up students,  making it very difficult and unsafe for residents to navigate the streets. As in many previous years, this problem is being mitigated with the help of a police offer patrolling the area periodically throughout the school year. So far, he has been kept very busy in the morning, informing drivers that our neighborhood cannot be accessed to pick up and drop off students. Rockshire Board of Directors is also reaching out to the Wootton High School and Frost Middle School parent population through the school administration offices and PTAs. The goal of these efforts is to educate Wootton and Frost drivers that Rockshire townhouse streets are private property and student pick up and drop off are not safe and not allowed. Hopefully our efforts will support keeping our property safe and help us manage our already challenging traffic issues.
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If you have not done so already, please take a minute to log in to and enter or update your email address.  Alternatively, you can contact IKO to provide an email address.  For rental homes, both tenant and landlord addresses may be reported.  Our goal is to transition to electronic delivery of this monthly newsletter in 2015 for as many residents as possible, in order to keep paper use costs down.  Also, residents will be able to recieve occasional urgent messages form IKO concerning storm damage or similar matters. Thank you for your help with this goal.