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Club Room Rental Information
Rockshire Community Room is available for HOA and Pool members to rent for parties, meetings and events.
Rental Highlights:
  • Newly renovated room - new floors, fresh paint
  • Upgraded Kitchen Area with new refrigerator, all new cabinets, new sink. Kitchen area now has a microwave.
  • New stone counter tops
  • Additional counter space - perfect for entertaining
  • New folding tables; folding chairs available
  • Use of pool available during swim season
Please download and fill out the Rental Agreement form using the link below:
To submit electronically:
  • Scan the completed application and submit it to us using the Contact Us page located at
  • Select "Club Room Rental Form Submission" in the 'Send-to' field
  • Attach the application using the "Attach File" button
  • Click "Submit"
  • Remember to mail the payment and deposit checks to the address on the application
Alternatively, you can mail the completed form and checks to:
Attn: Cherri Warren
c/o IKO Community Management
3416 Olandwood Court, Suite 210
Olney, MD 20832 

Property Maintenance Guidelines
Please click here to see the updated Property Maintenance Guidelines document

Architectural Change Information
Homeowners planning to add, change or replace any exterior elements of their properties such as replace windows, roof, siding, add fences or solar panel, remove trees, etc., are required to apply for and receive Rockshire Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval before work begins for each project.  The ACC, comprised of volunteer homeowners, is charged with applying planning guidelines and standards to preserve the harmony and architectural character of the community.
STEP 1: Use links below to access ACC guidelines and forms:
ACC Guidelines ACC Application
Deck Guidelines
STEP 2: Review the guidelines for your project. Various projects have various documentation and approval requirements, for example large tree removal needs signed acknowledgement from neighbors. In addition, certain projects require permits from City of Rockville.  For additional information about permits, visit Building Permits and Inspections
STEP 3: Download and fill out the ACC Application - if appropriate, include the property survey plat, samples of materials, and your contractor proposal.
STEP 4: Submit your application using the information on the form. You will receive the application resolution letter.
STEP 5: If approved, proceed with your project and notify IKO when the project is completed.  If Denied, make adjustments to your plans to comply with the architectural guidelines. You can contact IKO for additional information regarding your approval or denial letter.  
For additional information or with questions regarding a specific application, please contact Linda Wildman at IKO Community Management:  (301) 924-4050 or submit an email question using our Contact Us page*
*Please be advised that due to possible technical issues beyond our control, messages from the Contact Us page  as well as sent directly via email, occasionally are filtered by the spam filter server.  If you do not get a response from Linda or another person at IKO within 48 hours, please call the IKO office at (301) 924-4050 for follow up.

HOA Meeting
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
7pm to 8:30pm
HOA Meeting
Wednesday, September 11, 2019
7pm to 8:30pm
HOA Meeting
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
7pm to 8:30pm

Thanks to Rockshire Picnic Sponsors
Posted on Jun 14th, 2019
We hope everyone enjoyed our annual community picnic last Sunday.
We would like to thank our sponsors:
  • Jessica Kreiser, Realtor in DC, MD and VA -RE/MAX Town Center Office: 301.637.9762
    for more information visit
  • Rowena DeLeon, Long & Foster Real Estate  - 301-229-4000 -
  • Linda Wildman - IKO Community Management
  • City of Rockville  - Community Event Support, for providing tables, chairs, the popcorn machine and the snow cone machine!
  • Rockshire Sharks Swim Team volunteers: organized by A-reps Talley and Eric Manne, and tirelessly led by Bill Hunt during the picnic!
  • Rockshire board members who planned the event, coordinated with vendors, and came to setup, run and clean up the picnic.
Thank you all - it was a true team effort and we couldn't have done it without your help and support.
June 2019 Neighbor to Neighbor News
Posted on May 31st, 2019
Reminder: Annual Rockshire community picnic is Sunday June 9th at 12:00. Hope to see you all there!
Important: Annual HOA meeting is Wednesday June 12th at 7:00 at the Rockshire Club House. Please attend the meeting or submit a proxy ballot.
New Restricted Parking on Ritchfield Court: The HOA Board has selected a new towing company to enforce parking regulations within Rockshire property.  One of the changes was the enforcement of No Parking at curb side at numbers 29 through 36 on Ritchfield Court.  The "fire lane" designation was done in error, and the fire lane review is currently being done by the City of Rockville fire marshal and the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue.  We understand that some residents were unhappy about the new enforcement as well as about placement of signs  - we will review the signage requirements once the fire lane order is processed and will ensure all signage is done legally and appropriately. If you have any issues or questions, please contact the board in writing to request a hearing so you can bring your case to the board and the community.
Reports of snakes in Rockshire community: a report of snakes being seen on or near homeowners properties adjacent to the Woottons Mill Park was submitted to the board. Below are some resources to consider when dealing with snakes. The City of Rockville does not respond to wildlife reports and refers to Maryland State Department of Natural Resources.  Visit the page below to learn about venomous snakes in Maryland and tips on how to ensure the risk of snake bites is minimized when living in areas where snakes are possible. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent snakes from appearing near your house in such close proximity to the park, but some common-sense steps such as cleaning up mulch miles and learning identify and stay away from snakes will go a long way:
To find out about safe and legal ways to deal with problem animals, or to locate individuals or companies who are licensed by the Wildlife & Heritage Service to handle wildlife complaints, use the following link:
or visit for help.
Promote Safe Pool behavior.  The basketball hoops were taken down by the life guards after numerous incidents of unsafe behavior such as kids and teenagers hanging on hoops and jumping from the deck into the pool to dunk the ball. Several attempts by the lifeguards to correct the behavior did not help alleviate the issues, and the basketball hoops and poles were removed from their bases.  Please talk to your family members to ensure everyone understands the pool safety rules and is ready to be safe at the pool at all times. The lifeguards will reconsider bringing basketball back later in the season, but if the issues continue - the hoops may remain out for the rest of the summer.
Important 2019 Pool Season Information
Posted on May 20th, 2019
If you still have your green plastic "key tags" that are your pool passes, those key tags do not expire and will be reactivated in the pool entry system as of May 25, 2019 (Pool Opening Day).
If you or any member of your family had key tags but have lost them, or otherwise need replacements, you will need to see one of the pool managers when you go to the pool for the first time and they will be able to issue you replacement key tags. As long as you have a picture in the system, your picture will not need to be retaken for replacement key tags. Lost key tags from last year will be replaced once at the beginning of the season free of charge--key tags that need replacing during the season will be at a cost of $5.00 per key tag. 

If you did not live in Rockshire last pool season and this is your first pool season (or you are an outside member), you will be able to see one of the pool managers who will take your pictures and issue the key tags for you—Provided that IKO has received an application from you so that your information is entered into the system before you get to the pool. POOL STAFF WILL NOT HAVE THE ACCESS OR AUTHORITY NEEDED TO ENTER APPLICATIONS—THOSE MUST BE DONE BY IKO.
If you need new key tags you should be prepared to show a photo ID such as driver license when you appear at the pool for the first time. Please understand, if pool staff cannot take your picture(s) at the exact time you are there, they will give you a time that they can help you.
Pool staff will have an envelope with your complimentary Guest Pass card inside for pick up when you go to the pool. As soon as you pick up your Guest Pass card, PLEASE PUT YOUR FAMILY LAST NAME AND STREET ADDRESS ON IT. Blank cards will be rejected by the pool staff and the name & address on the cards must match that of the member who is bringing the guest(s). One (1) GUEST PASS is provided free of charge to all registered HOA and Outside Pool members and is good for ten (10) guests.  Additional Guest passes are available for purchase at $3.00 per person.  Minimum purchase is $30.00 as one card is for ten guests.

These additional cards are ONLY available from IKO—they cannot be purchased at the pool. To obtain additional guest pass cards, you must send a check payable to Rockshire Association and mailed c/o IKO Community Management, Attn: Cherri Warren, 3416 Olandwood Ct., Suite 210, Olney, MD 20832, and the pass card will be mailed to you as soon as your check is received. You may pick passes up at the IKO office, provided that you have pre-arranged a time to do so by emailing Cherri at the email address below.
If you have any additional questions please contact Linda Wildman, Community Manager, at or Cherri Warren, Assistant Community Manager at
Important Rockshire Parking and Towing Update
Posted on May 20th, 2019
Rockshire Association has procured a new towing company called Torque Towing to address parking violations, effective Monday May 20, 2019.  Torque Towing is based in Montgomery County.  The Board of Directors solicited information from 3 different towing companies and Torque Towing was awarded the contract.  Torque Towing is not affiliated or owned by any member of the Rockshire Association. 
Only townhome areas of Rockshire (Northcliffe, Gormley, Monet, Ritchfield, Paulsboro, Kirkfield, Newton, Chantilly, Pender, Marwood and Ingleside) are affected.
Torque Towing will be used on an "on call" basis only towing; they will NOT be patrolling the property. Additionally, if a homeowner has someone who has parked in their reserved space then that homeowner may call the towing company and request to have the vehicle towed, per Rockshire HOA bylaws.  The homeowner will be asked to provide proper identification to the tow truck driver.  
Torque Towing installed towing signs along with some new and updated signage throughout the property.  These new signs were installed to provide a safer parking area based on reports from homeowners and visual inspections from the Board.  All parking is to be in designated and in marked spaces. Yellow curb painting will take place in the near future.
Rockshire Association will continue to monitor and implement any new signage as needed on an ongoing basis.